Carthage – Baths of Antoninus (Tunisia)

The Baths of Antoninus or Baths of Carthage, located in CarthageTunisia, are the vastest set of Roman Thermae built on the African continentand one of three largest built in the Roman Empire. The baths are also the only remaining Thermae of Carthage that dates back to the Roman Empire’s era. The baths were built during the reign of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius

The baths are at the South-East of the archaeological site, near the presidential Carthage Palace. The archaeological excavations started during the Second World War and concluded by the creation of an archaeological park for the monument. It is also one of the most important landmarks of Tunisia.

Above: Ancient ruins of Carthage


Above & Below: Aged 27 my first trip to Tunisia included a visit to Carthage and the Baths.