Delphi Museum

Above: The Sphinx of the Naxians, Delphi Archaeological Museum.

Above: East pediment and east frieze of Shipnian Treasury. The battle between Apollo and Heracles for the Delphic tripod. Pediment : Apollo , Athena , Heracles .East frieze : Assembly of Gods and battle between Greeks and Trojans. Marble 525 BC.

Above: Close up of the East pediment and east frieze of Shipnian Treasury showing Achilles ( holding the shield with face ) with Greeks and to the left the Trojans

Above & Below: Cybele (left) rides a chariot pulled by a lion who is attacking a Giant, from the north frieze (Gigantomachy) of the Siphnian Treasury, on display in the Delphi Museum


Above: North frieze of the Siphnian Treasury at Delphi

Above: Ancient Greek Helmets




Above: The bronze Charioteer Delphi

Above: Bronze Charioteer Horse Items

Above & Below: Chariot Delphi Bronze Charioteer


Above: The Bronze Charioteer Delphi

Above: Fragments of an Ionian silver-plated bull of the mid 6th century BC the largest example from antiquity of a statue made out of a precious metal

Above: Statue of Emperor Augustus 29 BC – 14 AD Bronze found in the Aegean sea

Above: Statue of Poseidon in Parian marble. Found in Milos. wearing a himation covering he would have held a trident. dated 125-100 BC