Above: House of the Tragic Poet –  “Cave Canem” – Latin for “Beware of the dog”

Above & Below: The entrance to Pompeii


Above: Pompeii – Amphitheatre

Above: Pompeii – Body Cast

Above: Pompeii – Fast Food Joint – Thermopolium of Asellina

Above: Pompeii – Gladiator Barracks

Above: Pompeii – Havi or Welcome

Above: Pompeii – House of the Faun

Above: Pompeii – Looking toward Mt Vesuvius from the forum

Above & Below: Pompeii – Standing in the Great Theatre


Above: Pompeii – The Bakery

Above: Overlooking the barracks from the Great Theatre

Above: Pompeii – Via Del Abbondanza looking toward the forum

Above: Pompeii Basilica

Above: Pompeii Bath House – Fountain

Above: Pompeii Body Casts

Above: Pompeii Gladiator Barracks

Above: Pompeii Hermes Fountain

Above: Pompeii House Atrium

Above: Pompeii House Courtyard

Above: Pompeii House Fountain

Above: Pompeii House with Atrium

Above: Pompeii Massage Bed – Bath House

Above: Pompeii Mount Vesuvius

Above: Pompeii Olive Crusher – Trapetum

Above: Pompeii single lane street

Above: Pompeii -statues atlases in tepidarium

Above: Pompeii Terme Stabiane (Spa Stabiane)

Above: Pompeii Two Way Street

Above: Temple of Vespasian altar

Above: The ceiling of The Stabian Baths at Pompeii in Italy.

Above: Thermopolium – Snack Bar – Pompeii

Above: Via Del Foro