Romans on the Doorstep

Its often a surprise to find some ancient Roman remains right on your doorstep and situated amongst our communities …..there are many sites close to the very homes in which we live. Here are some Roman sites that I’ve found in the City of Bristol and South Wales.


Above: Excavated in 1934 by an amateur archaeologist. Probably constructed during  the AD 200’s this is now understood to be a house form the town of “Abona” The site is situated on the junction of Roman Way and the Portway in Bristol.

Above: Kings Weston Roman Villa – is a Roman villa near Lawrence Weston in the north-west of Bristol. The villa was discovered during the construction of the Lawrence Weston housing estate in 1947. Two distinct buildings (Eastern and Western) were discovered. The Eastern building was fully excavated (in 1948–50), the other lies mostly below Long Cross road. Finds from the site are now held in the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

At Kings Weston Roman Villa visitors can see the only Roman bath suite in Bristol and two original 3rd-century mosaic floors as well as discover Roman central heating. The villa is open for public for special events and on open days. At other times visitors can collect a key from Blaise Castle or Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

Above:  Remains of the Roman Villa at Barry in South Wales. The surviving masonry – the lower parts of the walls and the foundations – neatly map out the external and internal layout. There were 22 rooms, grouped around a courtyard in this coastal villa dating to the late third century AD.