The Social World of Luke Acts

Great Books to aid your understanding of the classical period

Let me bring to your attention a work of great scholarship that brings the world of New Testament writer Luke to life. This isn’t an easy read and requires a determined approach to grasp the ideas and concepts presented. If your prepared to read and then read again the rewards are great. Just grasping an understanding of the “Honour and Shame” concept is a reward in itself when applied to your reading of ancient texts.

“This enormously useful volume presents a ‘world’ of information and theoretical perspectives that have become indispensable for contextual exegesis of Luke Acts. The authors of this fascinating and well planned book are seasoned and trustworthy guides into the world inhabited by Luke and his first readers. These provocative articles provide the commentary reader of Luke Acts with mighty tools for creating first century scenarios that reveal significantly new dimensions of Luke’s cutting edges.”S. Scott Bartchy, associate professor of early Christian history, U.C.L.A.”This is clearly the best collection of articles available from the New Testament scholars employing methods of interpretation from cultural anthropology. The writers introduce a wide range of innovative models to unravel the culture of the biblical world. They offer the first comprehensive analysis of a single New Testament text from the perspective of the social sciences. This highly readable volume will be essential for anyone eager to experience the flood of insights coming from recent social study of the New Testament.”David Rhoads, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago”

This book deals with the following:

  • Honour and shame and pivotal values in the Mediterranean world
  • First Century Personality – Dyadic and Not Individualistic
  • Conflict – Labelling and Deviance Theory
  • Urban Social Relations
  • The Countryside
  • Sickness and Healing
  • Temple versus household
  • Patron – Client Relationships
  • The Symbolic Universe
  • Social Locations
  • Rituals or Status
  • Ceremonies – meals and table fellowship

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